The strategy of the scarecrow to solve problems

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The strategy of the Scarecrow is an original method of solving problems that is increasingly used in the organizational sphere. It is a mechanism for generating ideas from a project. With this strategy, all the human and creative potential of the work teams and, above all, of each member of the group is used.

It is worth noting that we are not faced with a classic brainstorming. The goal is to find a temporary solution to a problem while working on something better.

This scarecrow will be formed by very varied ideas brought by the group. These are proposals that can be attached to each other or eliminated at some point to reconstruct this original draft.

The first time this technique was used was at the US Department of Defense in 1975. The Air Force needed an emergency action plan and this technique was designed to give a quick and momentary response to this challenge.

Later, this scarecrow will be replaced by” a stone man “and then by “ an Iron Man”. The aim was to give more coherence and strength to this strategy. Let’s go further.

The fact that they are using this strategy to address the challenges they face already gives us a first hint of its usefulness. It is easy to set up, it promotes the synergy of all members of the organization as well as the step-by-step construction of a sophisticated and effective action strategy. Deepen.

Scarecrow strategy is a useful and effective problem solving tool for any group environment. The goal is to build, shape and design a preliminary action plan in the form of a project, in order to demolish and redefine it until a more effective response is found. We go from scarecrow to man of steel.

As pointed out at the beginning, this is not a classic brainstorming. In this case, we start from a draft, from an already designed base that constitutes the Scarecrow itself. Later, a meeting takes place at which each member brings his ideas, criticisms and proposals, always from a draft.

The advantages that this mechanism offers us on average are :

It is a problem solving approach that brings together work teams.

It allows each member to show their skills and creativity.

It promotes feedback by making better assumptions and breaking down those that do not work.

The brainstorming process is improved, because one starts from a draft (Scarecrow).

This proposal prevents the group from remaining stuck. You do not seek perfection from the start, you progress in phases : Scarecrow, man of stone, man of steel, etc.

Using the strategy of the Scarecrow.

The strategy of the Scarecrow requires following very specific steps. Adapting to them will allow the group to know what to expect and how to proceed. Moreover, what each member should know is that the reasoning behind any proposal must be discussed and refuted.

All perspectives will be taken into account to finally build a feasible and logical first strategy that will be temporary. Further meetings will be held later to finalize the action plan.

The second stage is the submission of all projects. Each member presents its proposal for action to the others. The group analyzes it in debate : it demolishes ideas that are not useful and keeps those that are valid.

Once all the interesting proposals of each member have been noted, each idea is discussed in order to filter, eliminate or accept the useful ideas. All these elements make it possible to build the Scarecrow.

At this point, the strategy of the Scarecrow is already firmly defined. Parts continue to be demolished and others added, and gradually more or less valid conclusions are reached.

The Scarecrow is already built. A final (but temporary) decision that can be executed has been made and all members agree. However, as we have pointed out, the goal is to further refine this strategy to create a stronger, safer and more effective action plan.

To conclude, as can be seen, it is a very interesting work dynamic that integrates all human capital to solve problems in phases. It’s interesting, it’s simple, reasons why this mechanism is used in many scenarios of work.

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