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In 1950, Albert Einstein wrote a letter full of symbolism, human compassion and depth to encourage a father who had just lost his young son to polio. Two decades later, The New York Times published this same text with great success, unknowingly giving us a formula of survival and hope.

We cannot call it religion, but we can call it a kind of cosmic spirituality, a sense of transcendence.

The pain of loss can be alleviated, according to the father of the theory of relativity, if one integrates the idea that each of us is part of a whole. …

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Those who have the necessary qualities work very concentrated and know exactly what they need to focus on. Others who do not have the personality and focus can be distracted by negative influences such as television, a bad environment or a false profession. They do not even notice how much valuable time these things take away.

For those who believe that they have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and to get closer and closer to their goals, there are 12 activities to invest your time in.

1. Books

Let’s start with a classic that most of us deal with…

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“Coaching, coaching, coaching”, never before have there been so many offers for personality and success training. Today, almost every coach who has attended a few seminars or read a few books. Because of the oversupply and the many charlatans, a lot of thinking mistakes have been made about personality development that are completely wrong. Today we finally clean up with the most popular thinking mistakes!

1. Mistake: Personality development has only advantages.

It is not as perfect as personality development is marketed everywhere.

“What? And that’s what ‘The online magazine for Successful Personalities’ writes?“


Although personality development has more advantages than disadvantages from our point of view…

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The 5 most important characteristics of an enterprisea successful entrepreneur brings different characteristics to stand out in the mass of competing companies, to withstand the diverse range of competing products and the general pressure on self-employed and entrepreneurs. Without these characteristics, the project “Entrepreneur” is quickly doomed to failure.

1. Honesty

In sales, the truth has been expanded and embellished over many years, and desires have been aroused in the customer without really taking the customer’s needs into account.

In the age of digital communication, such an approach is now unprofitable: cold calling proves to be inefficient, the responsible citizen questions information…

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The 5 biggest mistakes about attractiveness and attractioneach of us has an attractive personality. However, many people try to let this attractiveness out by the wrong way or by the wrong means. If you repeatedly act according to these wrong thinking patterns, you can never discover your attractive side. In order for you to be the attractive person you really can be from now on, you should definitely avoid the following mistakes.

Why do you think there are many people who are not attractive to others, even though they are friendly, polite and courteous? There may be several reasons, but…

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This principle is one of the most important for all entrepreneurs and people who want to become one. Only with this principle, the economy works. This is the only way someone can earn money. We all use it every day and are affected by it — but very few actually perceive this principle and understand what it means.

With the 1 + 1 = 3 principle, you put together two different things that have very little value and create something new with a higher value.

A piece of wood and a saw become a chair.

From a computer and electricity…

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People who communicate emotionally can enchant their fellow human beings with various stories. They speak more than mere words. Fellow human beings feel their narratives and can immediately feel everything said. In a good story, however, it’s not just about the content — it’s about the general style of speech.

Do you have a person in your family or circle of friends who gets the attention of all listeners through a story? Someone whose stories you can see like an action movie and feel all the described feelings yourself? …

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Most people have already tried to integrate sport into their everyday lives. But somehow this is not as easy as you imagined before. Excuses come in between, the pleasure passes and after some time the sport is much too strenuous. However, those who exercise regularly not only look better and have a healthier body, but also become mentally stronger. Find out here how you can integrate sport into your everyday life.

Many people plan to do something for their body and mind every day, or at least almost every day. Many of them can hold out for a while. …

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Charismatic people differ from other people mainly by their beliefs. Where others see problems, they see solutions. Where others give up, they give 110%. But what beliefs are they that give them such possibilities?

When was the last time you met a charismatic person? Have you noticed how different his attitude to life is? When fellow human beings complained, he could pull himself together. But maybe they have also created a problem for him and he has made it clear to them that there is hardly a problem.

No matter how his personality expressed itself, similar beliefs, such as the…

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The more you work on your personality, the more values and principles emerge. One has certain demands and expects a certain standard from oneself and one’s fellow human beings.

These rules ensure that you keep your quality of life high and surround yourself with the people who have a positive effect on you.

But with these guidelines, the spontaneity of some also decreases.

People with rigid rules leave many possibilities unused. If you have a great opportunity, you need to think carefully and ask yourself whether this is in harmony with your rules or not.

By then, the possibility has already disappeared.

Then these people tell themselves…

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Biologistuderende, socialist, veganer, environmentalist.

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