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In 1950, Albert Einstein wrote a letter full of symbolism, human compassion and depth to encourage a father who had just lost his young son to polio. Two decades later, The New York Times published this same text with great success, unknowingly giving us a formula of survival and hope.

We cannot call it religion, but we can call it a kind of cosmic spirituality, a sense of transcendence.

The pain of loss can be alleviated, according to the father of the theory of relativity, if one integrates the idea that each of us is part of a whole. …

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The more you work on your personality, the more values and principles emerge. One has certain demands and expects a certain standard from oneself and one’s fellow human beings.

These rules ensure that you keep your quality of life high and surround yourself with the people who have a positive effect on you.

But with these guidelines, the spontaneity of some also decreases.

People with rigid rules leave many possibilities unused. If you have a great opportunity, you need to think carefully and ask yourself whether this is in harmony with your rules or not.

By then, the possibility has already disappeared.

Then these people tell themselves…

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The loss of a loved one is an inevitable part of life. Despite its inevitable component, we rarely feel psychologically prepared to deal with this emotional pain, inner turmoil, and the impact of an unexpected and almost always unfair goodbye.

Viktor Frankl said that suffering makes the human being more lucid and the world more transparent. Pain, according to the father of logotherapy, opens prospects. This may be true, but to achieve this state of mind of absolute clarity and acceptance requires some time and a delicate process of adaptation and inner work.

This psychological know-how necessarily involves the application…

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Current medical research considers the causes of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease to be multiple and complex. Of these, the main risk factor is age. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it. However, research has continued to advance for decades. More is now known about the phases of the disease.

There are indeed a series of phases in terms of diagnosis and evolution. This neurodegenerative disease is characterized above all by cognitive and behavioral deterioration of the patient. Its appearance is usually insidious.

This means that it is a pathology that progresses slowly and gradually, so its symptoms are not…

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Unfulfilled expectations : I love you, but it’s not enough for me

Breaking the inertia of negative interactions with one’s partner

Violence in intimate relationships can be expressed in different ways. From physical violence to verbal and sexual violence, the couple can enter a spiral of violence in which the integrity of one of the members can be harmed, affecting his physical and mental health.

Relationships are usually not established in a context of violence. Violence in relationships is usually a process that happens in stages over time. …

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The collapse is a series of the independent audiovisual production company the Parasites. The series imagines a society after the collapse of the current system, where everyone must fight for survival. Collapsologists predict it for the next few years. How will we react, however, if the collapse Really Happened Tomorrow ?

At the gas station, drivers fight for the last drops of gasoline. At the supermarket, customers browse the almost empty stalls. Caregivers in a nursing home no longer know how to feed their residents and fear triggers the drama. …

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Tears of joy connect us to life, people and our most rewarding emotions. To allow these experiences and let our eyes sparkle is an act of well-being. We do not repress them, we do not hide the emotion that connects us with something inspiring or someone we love.

When was the last time you cried, carried away by a moment of happiness ? If your memory needs to go back too far to remember that moment, you should consider making changes. Because tears of joy are the ecstasy of well-being, they are the essence of positive and rewarding moments. …

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Susceptibility is not an injury, it is a symptom that often demonstrates people’s psychological insecurity. The person who reacts negatively or excessively to things is not only hypersensitive, he also shows some problems with managing emotions.

Behind the susceptibility is also the insecurity of those who do not really love each other. Hides that person who is not confident in his abilities and ends up reacting to the world in a negative way.

We are all aware that life with these men and women is complex. However, before you find yourself at the foot of the wall, it is worthwhile…

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Today, psychology is beginning to receive the recognition it deserves. Indeed, its applications in all areas of our lives are increasingly recognized. At the same time, more and more universities offer to study psychology. Therefore, this sector produces more and more young graduates.

This sector has attracted a lot of interest over the past decade. But, like any field, psychology has its positive sides and shadow areas.

The myth of self-fulfillment

Many people believe that studying psychology makes it possible to continue the path of self-knowledge and achieve a high level of personal development peculiar to Tibetan culture. …

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Human beings are social animals. All the advances we have made have been possible thanks to social relations : culture, civilizations, knowledge generation… relations are also a fundamental need at a much lower level.

Our personality is forged in social relations. The latter are a means of satisfying personal goals. They are a source from which we can meet our basic needs.

We need physical contact, intimacy and group membership. This gives us tremendous security and reassurance.

On the other hand, lack of relationships or social isolation are closely related to disorders and psychological discomfort. Social relationships are so essential…

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Biologistuderende, socialist, veganer, environmentalist.

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