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In 1950, Albert Einstein wrote a letter full of symbolism, human compassion and depth to encourage a father who had just lost his young son to polio. Two decades later, The New York Times published this same text with great success, unknowingly giving us a formula of survival and hope.

We cannot call it religion, but we can call it a kind of cosmic spirituality, a sense of transcendence.

The pain of loss can be alleviated, according to the father of the theory of relativity, if one integrates the idea that each of us is part of a whole. …

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“I only want to sleep. For some time now, I just want to close my eyes and let myself be hugged by sleep, not thinking about anything” “ many recognize themselves in this situation.

According to Sherlock Holmes, the famous character of Arthur Conan Doyle, sleep is almost always the solution to all ailments and worries. But more than a solution, it can be an emergency exit.

Getting carried away by this state of unconsciousness in which the body and mind are inactive and at rest can be healthy. However, a good rest is one that respects circadian rhythms and…

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Family myths and their effects

Lack of patience with children is an evil that affects many parents. There are also many who do not know why this happens to them, while they adore their children and want only the best for them. In truth, one does not exclude the other.

When you become a parent without having solved some internal nodes or without using inadequate strategies to deal with parenting, this problem occurs. It is very common that the lack of patience with children leads to unfair behavior that subsequently causes reproaches.

It also creates discomfort in children. And sometimes, oddly enough, it encourages behaviors…

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Klinefelter syndrome is as common as it is silent. Although not much is said about it, this chromosomal disorder can affect 1 in 1000 male babies born each year.

The main alteration is the appearance of an additional X chromosome, a peculiarity that leads to developmental problems and also learning deficits.

It is known that a good part of the men who suffer from it do not know it. They can then spend their entire lives without understanding why they suffer from gynecomastia (breast augmentation) or why their sex organs are smaller than most. …

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Many people notice the change. Daily practice of Kegel exercises can help us strengthen the muscles of our pelvic floor and improve our quality of life.

It is not a fad, but rather one of the most widespread and accepted practices for firming and working the pelvic floor. Most of us have heard of these types of exercises, but we don’t really understand their importance until the changes take place.

Pregnancy, menopause, incontinence, impact sports and even the simple passage of time can bring us closer. If there is an area sensitive to changes in the body and the passage…

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When we engage in a task of personal growth, we need to know that everything is a process. Failing at certain times is part of the process. Changes will not happen overnight. To achieve results, we will have to be persistent and disciplined.

Nevertheless, we hope that our loved ones will be pleased with our decision and will support us throughout the process. We can then feel angry and disappointed when they take advantage of any setbacks to minimize our efforts. Some people seem to forget that we always have the right to fail.

It is therefore essential that we…

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What good news ! It may also be that someone in the Human Resources section of a company has seen your professional profile on the Internet and is interested in you.

Whatever the circumstances, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to refuse a job offer. How to do this without being frowned upon by the company that selected you ?

There are several reasons why you may feel the need to reject a job offer. This is a bittersweet situation, especially if you applied with great interest and recruiters want to hire you.

However, during the…

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As social beings, we need relationships and contacts. But some people find the process of socialization very difficult. They are not able to enjoy relationships. This can lead to frustration and an increased sense of loneliness. However, it is important to meet new people to meet our social nature.

It is therefore essential to know some of the strategies and some of the contexts in which we can meet new people, socialize and even expand our circle of friends. In addition, it is essential to understand that communication and assertive conversation are the best way to get closer to others.

Meeting new people: the challenge of enriching our social circle

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A self-fulfilling prophecy is an elusive thought by the spirit that eventually comes true. It is a complex mental pattern that eventually turns into a real fact. It is an idea of which one is convinced and which then becomes a prediction. Once realized, we then see the cause of what happened.

It was the sociologist Robert Merton who invented the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy. He characterized them as erroneous definitions of certain situations that trigger new behaviors that ,in turn, make these false conceptions become real.

People do not just react to the reality of the facts, but also…

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Insecurity, emotional dependence, low self-esteem, abusive ties… when it comes to wondering how a difficult childhood affects adult relationships, it should be noted that there is no single answer. The mark left by mistreatment, abuse, abandonment or lack of affection is complex, profound and very particular in each mind.

In most cases, people are affected by the shadow of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Every childhood experience is crucial for emotional development. Everything we experience not only leaves its mark, but also lays the foundation for our psychological well-being or mental vulnerability.

As Agatha Christie pointed out, the best thing that…

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